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I dedicate this site to those who love Tuscany and above all to those who love the “Tuscan home” in all its character.

Originally the Tuscan rural house, or Tuscan farmhouse, was a rural settlement, almost always linked to farming and generally isolated in the countryside, which unmistakably distinguishes much of the Tuscan landscape.

The Casa Colonica Toscana therefore represents the desire to follow a lifestyle of quality time spent away from the hectic rhythms of modern life in order to breathe the warmth of ancient Tuscan traditions that have characterized our recent past.

My decision to devote this site comes from my own passion for all things Tuscany stands for. I hope my enthusiasm, together with my commitment and professionalism will satisfy the requests of customers in their search for their ideal property.

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Thanks to my love for the Tuscan countryside and the co-operation that I have sought to create between local technicians and artisan companies. Buying your dream home will only be the start of how I can assist you. My experience and local knowledge can be employed after that to plan all of the services you will need through my network of contacts.

Case studies

Cristina – Might be good over time if you can ask current clients to comment on your services – they are your best assets

Recent purchases by customers have been turned into investment properties, from the original idea of a home in beautiful Tuscany through to creating the opportunity through my local knowledge of private houses and holiday homes so you can maybe live in to enjoy your own Tuscan lifestyle or even rent to create an income from your holiday home, I can advise and assist and offer services here.

If you are seriously considering making such an investment … please ask and I will have be delighted to show you how.

And … “by the way” – I have a good knowledge of English.

My expertise is my experience. Don’t just take my word for this – Speak to clients past and present – you will not be disappointed.